Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Yahoo Mobile Widgets

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mocoNews.net - Unhealthily Obsessed with Mobile Content - @ CES: Yahoo Opens Up Go App To Third-Party Widgets; Single Widget Runs In App And On Mobile Web
Yahoo has turned its Go mobile application into a widget platform, the company’s VP of Connected Life, Marco Boerries, announced today at CES. The Yahoo Go application has been revamped, and version 3.0, which will be released in beta later Monday, features a new carousel-based UI. But more important is the ability for users to add new widgets to the Go application, and the developer platform that powers them.

Third-party publishers can now build widgets for their content and services that can run inside Go, using an XML-based language called Blueprint. But in addition to running in Go, the widgets will also work over the mobile web. This means that developers can create a single widget with Blueprint, and it’s available not just to users of Go-compatible handsets, but to any mobile device with an HTML or XHTML browser.

2008 is going to be an interesting year :)

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