Thursday, January 03, 2008

maven with on the fly editing for java webapps

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Balaji's blog - Inplace or On-the-fly editing of Java webapp’s
Inplace or On-the-fly editing of Java webapp’s

While developing and testing the Java EE web applications, people often needs a way to immediately web-view the changes that they have made in their JSP or HTML or Javascript.

For people who are using Eclipse or intelliJ as their IDE might also like to see their changes in serverside Java files applied over the deployed webapp's immediately.

Lets see how this can be done using Maven
In general, to view the changes immediately, people will edit those files on the exploded directory under webapp. Later, they have to manually copy the changes
to their original workspace. This is a pain for projects which has version control enabled.

Maven comes for resque:)

Some of the common goals used in Maven based build process includes test, clean, package, install. Apart from this maven provides excellent plugin capability.
One of such plugin allows you to directly deploy your webapp on your java application server like Tomcat/Jetty/Websphere etc.,
Lets see how we can make use of that plugin for inplace or on-the-fly editing and still be on hold with version control system.

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