Friday, April 29, 2005

School Mistakes Huge Burrito for a Weapon - Yahoo! News: "'The kid was sitting there as I'm describing this (report of a student with a suspicious package) and he's thinking, 'Oh, my gosh, they're talking about my burrito.''"

Watch out! I'm gonna smack you with my big burrito!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

U.K. backpackers heed call of India firms | CNET "'The cost of living in India is so low,' Bond said. �The graduate call center agents are better off than they would be doing it in the U.K.'"

get a grad degree and work at a call center!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Yahoo! News - Exploding Toads Puzzle German Scientists: "More than 1,000 toads have puffed up and exploded in a Hamburg pond in recent weeks, and scientists still have no explanation for what's causing the combustion, an official said Wednesday. "

when you see me puff up my cheeks, get away from me!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Yahoo! News - We need cure for 'senioritis,' governors say: "'The 12th grade is the biggest wasteland in America,' says Charles Reed, chancellor of the California State University System, where he says half the students were unprepared in math or English because they didn't take rigorous classes as seniors. "

so true! last year of college is a waste too!

Friday, April 15, 2005

TalkBack: It Was A Programming Contest, Right? | reader response on| CNET "I have one more year to finish up my undergraduate degree, and when I started out, my inuition was to stay away from programming. Instead, I have been focusing on Networks, Databases, and Security. Why?

Because, over the past few years of my college career, I have read nothing but a multitude of reports about overseas outsourcing of programming jobs, the high unemployment rate for programmers, and the general dissatisfaction of programmers working in the US.

Why would anyone want to devote their studies toward an industry that has all of these problems? The US programming industry is just missing out on great number of people who have simply chosen to pursue something better.

I do agree, though, that the quality of education in the US is falling. But I do not agree that this programming contest is a very good indicator. "

why be a programmer! our jobs are going out to india and china! no hope for the proggy!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Will China dominate outsourcing's future? | Newsmakers | CNET "Part of the problem is a fragmented market, McKinsey said. And China faces other challenges, not the least of which is a lack of management talent. "

interesting! oh no! I can't speak chinese!

Monday, April 11, 2005

ONLINE CRIME: A Booming Business / New, smarter generation of Internet crooks / Personal-information thieves hook up with people who may help them profit: "However, since the hackers, thieves and others doing business often don't know one another and remain anonymous, no one knows whom to trust. Rip-offs are rampant. An archive of the now-defunct Shadowcrew site obtained by The Chronicle, and the still-functioning Network Terrorism Forums, show that almost every new offer is met with suspicion.
'If it ain't a rip-off, or an attempt of (Secret Service) to f*** around with us, contact me ...' read one response to Elric's posting.
This has led some Web sites to develop review systems of the sellers not unlike those of eBay and other legitimate e-commerce sites.
According to the indictment, Shadowcrew required the 'vendors' to submit their product or service to a trusted community member for review.
Shadowcrew's archives show people who were reviewed for selling merchandise such as stolen credit card numbers and counterfeit credit cards that were created using stolen account information. "

Wow... the internet is a scary place! geez.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Gordon Moore on 40 years of his processor law - page 2 | Newsmakers | CNET "Moore: It seems like I still spend about half my time in front of one. E-mail is an important part of my life. I live half the year in Hawaii these days. If it wasn't for e-mail, I don't know how I would stay connected. There are spreadsheets; there's word processing work--those are the functions I probably use the most. I play simple games; I handle photographs.
I get very frustrated with the software sometimes. I hate how long it takes my computer to reboot when I have to shut it down for any reason. "

Mr. moore. he only lives in hawaii for 1/2 of the time! Congrats for all the hard work!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Loosely Coupled Corner: "I think we should see more tooling support for EJB 3.0, so that more general application developers can get their hands dirty and come up to speed on EJB 3.0. While any standard IDE that has good support for JDK5 will provide a good start, I think there should be better tooling to support complex mappings (like ManyToMany), and facilitate inline or immediate feedback on the validity of NamedQueries instead of waiting for deployment. Maintenance of the applications isn't something that can be ignored, as applications will live for few years after the development cycle. All the features that make the application development easier will also provide returns in application maintenance cycle. All in all, I will recommend that developers take a fresh and unbiased look at the EJB 3.0 specification, by checking out the features and giving the publicly available EJB 3.0 containers "

good blog entry on ejb3.0

maybe i'll write my next blog with it.
Yahoo! News - Drug Resistant Skin Infections Becoming More Common: "Miller's team said doctors must shift their attitudes toward cases of necrotizing fasciitis -- the 'flesh-eating' part of such a bacterial infection -- and check to see if methicillin-resistant staph is to blame.
Fridkin said good hygiene, particularly hand washing, can prevent such infections.
In hospitals, MRSA resists almost everything but an intravenous antibiotic called vancomycin. But so-called community-acquired MRSA can be treated with a range of antibiotics including doxycycline and cotrimoxazole, sold under the brand name Bactrim. "

good to know if you get infected by flesh eating bacteria.
Office on the beach - long-distance Wi-Fi and Voice over IP - August 2003: "I wasn't sure what to expect yesterday afternoon. A full-size office desk with green banker's lamp, desktop PC, phone, and suit-and-tie worker typing away from an executive chair on the sand? A small cubicle farm with Dilbert comics on the walls? Not quite. It was a less ostentatious affair: a couple of laptops (top left), one with a directional wireless antenna, and a 3Com IP phone perched on a picnic table in the sun (right)."

hmm... gosh.. this is pretty cool! working at fisherman's wharf next to some crabs would be great!
Short Cup-With-Handle Often Leads To Big Stock Gains: "Study winning chart patterns for any length of time, and that idea gets driven home. Decades of IBD research have ferreted out the most successful stock chart patterns in history. Few can match the might of the cup with handle."

I believe goog is a goog in the handle right now.... initial rise up to 200 bux.. a dip... maintaining levels.... then its time for a crazy rise! 20 bagger here I come!
Yahoo! 360� - My Blog: "Entry for April 05, 2005
test blog entry... grrrr."

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

eBay item 5765761043 (Ends Apr-12-05 17:18:32 PDT) - HP iPAQ Pocket PC H4355/4350 great condition: "Used HP 4350 or 4355 with built in keybad. A few scratches on the sides.
comes with cradle, charger, and manual.
The screen is perfect, no problems with it.
I ugraded to a palm treo, so i need to get rid of all my devices!
It reads pdf files, and plays mp3s! you can put your documetns on a sd card, then insert it onto the pda and run around. The screen is really nice, and colors are really vibrant.
the wi-fi works really well almost painless to setup.. it auto-finds wireless networks without any problems.
battery life is good as long as you turn off wi-fi, once any wireless services are on then it sucks it up! battery normally lasts for me about a week when i use it as a pure palm, 3 to 4 days if i play mp3s, and about 1 day if i use the wi-fi quite a bit.

My pda is on sale... please buy it!
Can cell phones contribute to infertility? | | CNET "In the study, faculty members John Aitken and Bruce King exposed mice to a particular frequency of electromagnetic radiation that is similar to waves people receive when answering a mobile phone. Initial results found that there was more DNA damage in the exposed sperm than in sperm from the control groups. "

oh no! i think my new treo is probably frying my nuts. i'm using a headset more often nowadays, but its still kinda clunky to use it. i think i should wear steel pants.
The Postal Store: "Introducing a quick, easy, and convenient way for you to ship Priority Mail packages. The Postal Service has simplified the Priority Mail shipping process by introducing two new Flat Rate Box options - items that feature a predetermined rate regardless of the weight or destination zone of the package, similar to the Flat Rate Envelope. A few key benefits of this new product:
Any weight, any State, $7.70. No matter which Flat Rate Box you choose, the postage is $7.70, regardless of weight or destination.
No need for a scale. Visit Click-N-Ship to purchase and print postage from your home or small business computer. You don't need a scale.
No need for a trip to the Post Office. Visit Pickup Options to arrange for next-day pickup at no extra charge (available in most locations) using online Carrier pickup.
The corrugated box you have selected is similar to a shoe box (11' x 8-1/2' x 5-1/2') and holds merchandise such as model cars, and taller items. Both shapes have the same cubic inch dimensions. "

this is perfect for my shipments! now i just need a big bag of peanuts... i can probably save money by buying some ballons and blowing them up myself.
China's Tomb-Sweeping Day goes virtual | CNET "'Internet mourning, such as on the 'online cemetery', where virtual candles or joss-sticks are lit and virtual flowers are sent, is in fashion, saving millions of people of Chinese origin the trouble of traveling long distances in order to sweep tombs for their ancestors,' the news agency said.
New technology had also changed what people like to burn for ancestors to enjoy in the afterlife, Xinhua said. Some mourners have added mobile phones 'or other big ticket items that might be of particular interest for the deceased"

test... oh wells!


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

The New York Times > Business > Hybrid-Car Tinkerers Scoff at No-Plug-In Rule: " If you were able to plug a hybrid in overnight, you could potentially use a lot less gas by cruising for long stretches on battery power only. But unlike purely electric cars, which take hours to charge and need frequent recharging, you would not have to plug in if you did not want to.
'I've gotten anywhere from 65 to over 100 miles per gallon,' said Mr. Gremban, an engineer at CalCars, a small nonprofit group based in Palo Alto, Calif. He gets 40 to 45 miles per gallon driving his normal Prius. And EnergyCS, a small company that has collaborated with CalCars, has modified another Prius with more sophisticated batteries; they claim their Prius gets up to 180 m.p.g. and can travel more than 30 miles on battery power. "

Is this cheaper than gas!!! hmm... I guess my electric bill would go down, but I can just turn off my computer at night. That would keep my electric bill at the same rate.