Friday, April 15, 2005

TalkBack: It Was A Programming Contest, Right? | reader response on| CNET "I have one more year to finish up my undergraduate degree, and when I started out, my inuition was to stay away from programming. Instead, I have been focusing on Networks, Databases, and Security. Why?

Because, over the past few years of my college career, I have read nothing but a multitude of reports about overseas outsourcing of programming jobs, the high unemployment rate for programmers, and the general dissatisfaction of programmers working in the US.

Why would anyone want to devote their studies toward an industry that has all of these problems? The US programming industry is just missing out on great number of people who have simply chosen to pursue something better.

I do agree, though, that the quality of education in the US is falling. But I do not agree that this programming contest is a very good indicator. "

why be a programmer! our jobs are going out to india and china! no hope for the proggy!

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