Tuesday, April 05, 2005

eBay item 5765761043 (Ends Apr-12-05 17:18:32 PDT) - HP iPAQ Pocket PC H4355/4350 great condition: "Used HP 4350 or 4355 with built in keybad. A few scratches on the sides.
comes with cradle, charger, and manual.
The screen is perfect, no problems with it.
I ugraded to a palm treo, so i need to get rid of all my devices!
It reads pdf files, and plays mp3s! you can put your documetns on a sd card, then insert it onto the pda and run around. The screen is really nice, and colors are really vibrant.
the wi-fi works really well almost painless to setup.. it auto-finds wireless networks without any problems.
battery life is good as long as you turn off wi-fi, once any wireless services are on then it sucks it up! battery normally lasts for me about a week when i use it as a pure palm, 3 to 4 days if i play mp3s, and about 1 day if i use the wi-fi quite a bit.

My pda is on sale... please buy it!

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