Monday, April 11, 2005

ONLINE CRIME: A Booming Business / New, smarter generation of Internet crooks / Personal-information thieves hook up with people who may help them profit: "However, since the hackers, thieves and others doing business often don't know one another and remain anonymous, no one knows whom to trust. Rip-offs are rampant. An archive of the now-defunct Shadowcrew site obtained by The Chronicle, and the still-functioning Network Terrorism Forums, show that almost every new offer is met with suspicion.
'If it ain't a rip-off, or an attempt of (Secret Service) to f*** around with us, contact me ...' read one response to Elric's posting.
This has led some Web sites to develop review systems of the sellers not unlike those of eBay and other legitimate e-commerce sites.
According to the indictment, Shadowcrew required the 'vendors' to submit their product or service to a trusted community member for review.
Shadowcrew's archives show people who were reviewed for selling merchandise such as stolen credit card numbers and counterfeit credit cards that were created using stolen account information. "

Wow... the internet is a scary place! geez.

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