Friday, February 25, 2005

Opinion Column by PC Magazine: How to Kill Linux: "The long-term implications of such a scenario, I believe, would be essentially to kill Linux. Microsoft's MS-Linux would quickly become the dominant Linux and the company would begin to profit from all the open-source development work that would go into Linux. Once the developers saw that happen they'd stop working on Linux and it would die. After all, who wants to do free work that benefits Microsoft? At some point in the future Microsoft will make its move on Linux, you can be certain. I've always been convinced that Microsoft's long-term Linux strategy was why the company sued, then bought off, the Lindows folks, although I doubt that it would now use the Lindows name."

hmm what about word for linux!!! office for linux.... argh. i hate how cut and paste is completely broken in linux...

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decheung said...

That opinion column is classic - the height of stupidity written for no reason other than to draw click throughs. I should try that.

There are two critical mistakes in that piece:

1. Linux is credible on the desktop. Hah. Ask Sun where Linux is credible - oh wait, they're too busy imploding because of Linux on the server.

2. Unlike the real world, where people work to make money, Linux exists because developers would prefer to earn street-cred and style points. The cost of developing Office for linux would be enormous - for what? A market that doesn't pay for software?