Thursday, February 24, 2005

Designs By June :: About June: "I had always loved wearing unique jewelry creations and found that I now had the time to experiment with my creative side by making my own designs. I was quickly inspired to turn my hobby into a business when I had received so many compliments on my designs from friends and strangers everywhere who wanted to buy the jewelry I was wearing. The pivotal turning point was presented to me when I met a successful business woman in Fort Lauderdale, Florida who really saw talent in my handcrafted designs and complimented me on the necklace that I was wearing in the elevator that we were both on at the hotel. As the elevator opened to let us off, she took me aside and as fate would have it shared a story with me about her success as a jewelry designer in the early 1980s. She encouraged me to pursue my dream and after that I knew I had found my new purpose in life. I was so excited; I spent the next few hours in the hotel business center typing out my business plan so when I got home from my trip, I could hit the ground running! It�s been an awesome journey ever since. "

Wow! this is pretty inspirational! One of my old coworkers!


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