Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Mercedes Wrangler is riding the eco-range: "Straight veggie oil, or SVO, as it is known in the biz, needs to be heated before it will run with any kind of predictability, so all conversions involve some device to heat the oil before it hits the injectors. But once you've licked that problem, you can back up to the oil Dumpster at any restaurant and fill up your tank with free fuel. (OK, it's more complicated than that. You've got to pour the stuff through filters to reduce the amount of french fry debris, water and drowned rodents that get sucked through your fuel system. And you've got to get the permission of the restaurant owner and avoid the renderer. But you won't have to lay out any hard currency for a tankful.) "

I wish my scoobie ran on ice cream. then i could get a snack while I drive.

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