Friday, October 28, 2005

Yesterday I ate...
4 chicken breasts for dinner

What I ate today

iced mocha

diet coke

snack at verde
milk tea
chicken wings
butter toast

south beach violations:
iced mocha
butter toast

hmm... too much bad food... argh i need a salad for dinner.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Companies Meet Demands of Snacking Dieters - Yahoo! News: "The days of such mindless snacking are history now that Hanson relies on portion-control packs that tell her when it's time to stop.

'Otherwise, I'll just keep eating,' she said. 'I'll sit there and end up eating 10. Or more.'"

i just keep on eating too! yums yums

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

goodbye qcom

Goodbye QCOM. You have brought me 100% gains in the last year, but it’s time for you to help me buy more red bulls and pay rent.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

'Sick worker' malady may be early RSI sign-study - Yahoo! News: "With so many cytokines entering the blood stream so early, some apparently traveled to the brain, sparking the rat version of 'sick worker' syndrome, the study said.

'At three weeks, even before the rats experienced pain from their wrist injuries, we watched them self-regulate their work behavior,' researcher Ann Barr said. 'With inflammatory proteins in the bloodstream, they began to slack off from completing their tasks.'"

sometimes I have the rat version of depression, from pecking away at my keyboard. iced blended mochas serve as my cheese.

airplane foods

Wowers what a trip!


One fried squid curry with rice

One can of wasabi peas

One piece of salmon

One piece of fried steak

2 ginger ales

5 hot chicken wings


Was what I ate yesterday



Thursday, October 20, 2005

Now Im in new york city

Now I’m in new york city. It’s amazing to me how many there are here, just running around everything I really do like the big cities. Not as many as shanghai.

I realize I’m completely spoiled by the weather by the bay where I am. Everyday on the soma side of san Francisco it’s a nice day. On a contrast in New York, they actually have seasons here. It’s actually a bit chilly here.  

Food for today
Miso Ramen for lunch/breakfast?

Vanilla non-fat latte

Tuesday, October 18, 2005 Books: My Job Went to India (Pragmatic Programmers): "Book Description
You've already lost your job. You may still be drawing a paycheck, but the job you were hired to do no longer exists. Your company has changed, the technology has changed, the economy has changed, and the ways you can add value have changed. Have you adapted to these changes? Or are you at risk?

Architect your career
Economic downturn. Job cuts. Outsourcing. The ever-changing tech landscape. The threats abound. Chad Fowler is here to offer 52 ways to keep your job, despite the vagaries of the market.

* It's all about making the right choices. Choosing which technologies to focus on and which business domains to master have at least as much impact on your success as your technical knowledge--don't let those choices be accidental. Chad shows you all aspects of the decision-making process so you can ensure that you're investing your time and energy in the right areas.
* It's all about skills. You'll develop a structured plan for keeping your skills up-to-date so that you can compete with both the growing stable of developers in so-called low-cost countries as well as your higher-priced local peers. You'll learn how to shift your skillset up the value chain, from an offshore-ready commodity to one in high demand.
* It's all about marketing. As with any product or service, if nobody knows what you're selling, nobody will buy. Chad shows you how to create a plan for marketing yourself both inside your company and to the industry in general.

Like it or not, the IT career landscape has changed. This handbook will teach you what you need to do to avoid being left behind.

About the author Chad Fowler has been a software developer and manager for some of the world's largest corporations. He recently lived and worked in India, setting up and leading an offshore software development center for a large multinational company."

book for my roomate!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Squids will be squids

Today I ate

One cup of chili

2 pieces of fried tofu

1 chillomodo at ben and jerrys

8 low fat spicy buffalo wings

1 sugarfree red bull

Yums yums yums

I've noticed that the blog from word thing is a bit skety sometimes....

sigh... 170.8 pounds... no more chillados!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Swine most fine / A fad turned rescue effort, potbellied pigs still make fine pets -- and they offer intelligent company -- for those willing to care for a 200-pound ham-on-the-hoof: "Unfortunately, their intelligence can also make them a challenge. Crafty pigs learn to scream for attention. They're stubborn, require mental and physical stimulation, and can be naughty and inquisitive if left alone for too long. Christensen compares them to a mischievous 2-year old.

'I have baby locks everywhere. T.S. Piggliot is always getting into my kitchen cabinets and playing with the pots and pans. When I put in a new wet bar, he gouged it with his tusks. He's bitten end tables and chewed furniture when he's bored. I never recommend pigs being indoors 24 hours. I have a piggy door so they can come and go as they please,' says Christensen, who lives in Pleasant Hill."

I tend to get into the pots and pans of my apartment as well. i'm scared of the fryer though.

Friday, October 14, 2005



Naan and hummus
1 sugar free red bull

So my friend who I worked with at the car alignment startup, found a good j2ee job about a month of searching. That means the job market is good!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Team Searches Turkish Village for Poultry - Yahoo! News: "'Normally it would be over, but a few people are hiding their chickens,' said one veterinary official, speaking on condition of anonymity because Turkish officials can only talk to reporters with prior authorization."

i hope i dont get the bird flu from the chicken i ate tonight.

Stuff I ate tonight

Stuff I ate tonight

Chicken Leg and thigh
1 handful of chips and salsa
Pinto beans
One cup of Cappuccino at CMU

Ack, I’m not suppose to eat the chips and salsa!
ASIAN POP Putting On The Dog: "But even if there's no smoking gun of dog eating among Asian Americans, dogs are eaten in Asia -- there are allegedly over 6,000 restaurants that serve dog dishes in Korea, where the meat is often consumed in a medicinal stew called boshintang ('soup that builds up the body'). Dog can readily be found on menus in southern China (where some people proudly boast of 'eating everything with their backs to the sky'), and asocena ('dog eating'), though illegal, persists among some poor and rural communities in the Philippines."

Today I eat sting ray, tommorow I eat bow wow.


$15 ack!

Payaya salad
Rengdang beef
Mango chicken
Sting ray --- yes was very soft
¼ of a piece of rotti prada bread
Spicy String beans

Verde Green tea with coconut jelly

No rice….

Hmmm… I’m not doing too well on this south beach diet…

tandori naan with hummus
one handful of pepper cashews

Wednesday, October 12, 2005



1 top sirloin Steak

Snack 50 hot wasabi green peas

45 minutes rollerblading

Rollerbladed down to pier 30 and back… 45 minutes

Counted 15 people with ipods
Time for the Buffalo Wing Battle in san francisco.

I always win against mags

Prepared for Coyne PR by the IFOCE, September 19, 2005

Whereas the Verizon VoiceWing Battle eating contest is a 10-minute, all-you-can-eat Buffalo wing eating competition.

And whereas the contest is overseen by the International Federation of Competitive Eating, the world body that governs all eating sports.

And whereas the contest is open to all those 18 years or older, male or female of all races and creeds, who are in good health.

And whereas competitors must eat their food in a safe fashion, but in any style, with or without any condiments and with or without beverage.

And whereas wings are measured in total weight of wing meat eaten, measured by scale in pounds and ounces by an IFOCE judge.

And whereas each competitor will begin the contest with a tin tray holding three (3) lbs of Buffalo Wings.

And whereas each competitor will also be provided with an empty tin at contest's start which he or she will use to discard remnants of an eaten wing such as bone. And whereas these remnants of bones, etc. shall from hereto forth be know as 'debris.'

And whereas when a competitor finishes a three (3) pound tin of Buffalo wings during the contest, that competitor will be provided with another tin containing three (3) pounds of Buffalo wings.

And whereas the IFOCE judge will determine at contest's end which competitors have eaten enough to merit the weighing of their food and debris.
More jobs, higher salaries for Asia | CNET "This optimism is also apparent in Hong Kong, where 83 percent of executives predict higher salaries over the next year, compared to 62 percent a year ago. In Singapore, 72 percent are expecting to see salary increases, and 25 percent expect wage increases of between 5 percent and 15 percent. Japanese companies are less optimistic, with only 46 percent predicting an increase in salaries."

more money for the chinese! Max is going to pay out 5% more in a next year.

workout and mad food

Ooh yeah…
As a conscious goal, I’m going to put down what I eat and when I work out here on this blog.

Somedays it’ll go like this:

Sleep workout --- slept until 11am this morning
12am ate rainbow one bowl sherbet ice cream
Nap workout for 3 hours on couch
1 hour Typing workout typing out this entry on blog
One tray of sugar free jello for dinner and apple pie for dinner
3 hour nap workout to end the day
1 hour of xmen legends II

What Spicysquid ate

What Spicysquid ate for breakfast


Steak 2 bux --- sale at safeway

Dinner TBD

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Doing good while doing well: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance: "Contentment comes primarily from doing honorable work, being paid fairly, enjoying good relationships and having something to look forward to"

sometimes i wonder if i'm doing honorable work as a pirate with a wooden leg.

Monday, October 03, 2005

So what do you have to do to find happiness? - Sunday Times - Times Online: "One thing makes a striking difference. When two American psychologists studied hundreds of students and focused on the top 10% 'very happy' people, they found they spent the least time alone and the most time socialising. Psychologists know that increasing the number of social contacts a miserable person has is the best way of cheering them up. When Jean-Paul Sartre wrote 'hell is other people', the arch-pessimist of existentialist angst was wrong."