Saturday, October 15, 2005

Swine most fine / A fad turned rescue effort, potbellied pigs still make fine pets -- and they offer intelligent company -- for those willing to care for a 200-pound ham-on-the-hoof: "Unfortunately, their intelligence can also make them a challenge. Crafty pigs learn to scream for attention. They're stubborn, require mental and physical stimulation, and can be naughty and inquisitive if left alone for too long. Christensen compares them to a mischievous 2-year old.

'I have baby locks everywhere. T.S. Piggliot is always getting into my kitchen cabinets and playing with the pots and pans. When I put in a new wet bar, he gouged it with his tusks. He's bitten end tables and chewed furniture when he's bored. I never recommend pigs being indoors 24 hours. I have a piggy door so they can come and go as they please,' says Christensen, who lives in Pleasant Hill."

I tend to get into the pots and pans of my apartment as well. i'm scared of the fryer though.

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