Thursday, July 07, 2005

Staying on top in the global IT job market | InfoWorld | Analysis | 2005-07-04 | By Richard Gincel: "The qualifications? Successful candidates will be adept at managing programs; they also must be able to deal with complex, business-intimate questions and they have to have been part of a process that has included outsourcing and offshoring activities. “If going to work for an outsourcing facilitator sounds like aiding and abetting the enemy,” Alsbridge says, “IT workers are competing with the labor pool not the outsource providers.”

Rankin says the army of contractors willing to work on a project-to-project basis is growing. He points to shifts in the temporary-IT-staffing business, which regularly conducts online auctions to provide labor. Those contractors have to be managed. For now, the trend toward IT services as a commodity shows no signs of slowing down."

geez. i hope my grad school degree help! otherwise i'll have to pursue my backup career as a rapper.

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