Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Buzz Report: Good-bye, computer; hello, world! - "OK, next question: bandwidth. Yes, it'll be a problem, for a little while. But the pipes are getting fatter. Just last month, Cisco announced that it will deliver gigabit broadband service to houses in Hong Kong--over existing copper wiring. A California group is working to ensure gigabit broadband to all Californians by 2010. Fiber optics are snaking across the world. We've all been talking about Web 2.0--well, this is it. We all know it needs to be faster, and it will be. Google can only help drive the rollout. Truth be told, the biggest challenge will be supporting the graphics you'll need to deliver a truly dynamic desktop environment in what was formerly known as a Web browser--but that's for another column."

geez... gigabit ethernet... i really need more broadband access! my bit torrent clients suck up all my bandwith right now. my laptop and desktop only hold about 80 hours of videos, which isn't enough. I manage to max it out every time I get a show off my replay.

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Anonymous said...

yes it sucks up my bandwidth too!