Thursday, March 31, 2005

Boredom to boom for India's software-testing market | CNET "Sohrab Azad, an executive at head-hunting company eQURA Consulting, told Reuters that industry estimates say Bangalore alone would need 10,000 testing engineers in the next six months.
The city is pulling talent from northern cities such as Delhi and Pune by doubling annual salaries to $18,265-$22,831 (800,000-1,000,000 rupees) for those with six to eight years' experience, he said. This is still only a fraction of what U.S. counterparts earn.
Russia, China and Ireland are among potential competitors, but India is seen as being ahead in the race.
'Once China crosses the language barrier, it is likely to pose a threat due to cost advantage,' said Pradeep Waychal, head of quality at Patni Computer Systems. "

testing is pretty boring... but pretty essential in order to maintain quality. Maintaining tests and keeping everything running in will take at least 1/2 of the development effort... but ensure a higher level of quality....

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