Saturday, April 23, 2011

How to build an evil automated zombie blog for advertising revenue

How to build an evil automated zombie blog for advertising revenue: "What’s an Evil Automated Zombie Blog? Glad you asked! It’s when you leverage RSS feeds to automatically create blog posts from other blogs and news sources. These sites are good for generating traffic from Google, and can run without you every having to create a single real blog post. After a short period of time, your blog will amass a large number of posts around a given topic; the very thing Google bots like to gobble up.

WARNING: These types of mindless zombie websites are considered evil in the blogging community – lets do it anyway!

The technique we’re about to cover caused one hell of an uproar while writing my WordPress Top Plugins book; the editors and proofreaders expressed their hatred for the very plugin we’re going to be using to setup an auto blog – WP-O-Matic. They said things like “Auto blogs are evil, and this plugin should not be included in the book” or “This plugin will make it to easy for people to steal other peoples content”. Never the less, I fought and won. WP-O-Matic is a great plugin with a lot of practical applications; what we’re about to cover is NOT one of them.

Please understand that what we’re about to build will be looked down upon by purist, but hell that’s what makes it fun!"


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