Thursday, September 18, 2008

How to copy a confluence space

Copy Or Rename A Space - Confluence 2.9 - Confluence
Currently Confluence does not support renaming or copying spaces through the user interface. You may wish to vote towards these feature requests:

* Feature request to clone an entire space - this will enable duplication of every page, news item and comment plus space themes and colour schemes.
* Feature request to copy a page hierarchy between existing spaces.

Use The Copy Space Plugin

The best option is to install the Copy Space Plugin.

Note that this plugin is still in beta release, and is not officially supported by Atlassian.

Read the developer's notes in the Atlassian blogs.
Manually Clone Or Rename A Space

Alternatively, it is possible to manually clone or rename a space by modifying an XML backup of the target space.


* May require manually updating external links to that space.
* The instructions have been confirmed for Confluence 2.2 onwards. Users running older versions are recommended to upgrade Confluence before continuing.
* Where examples are given, they involve changing oldkey:Old Space Name into newkey:New Space Name. You need to substitute your own keys for oldkey and newkey, and your own space names for Old Space Name and New Space Name.
* When importing a space export for a space that already exists, the previous space content will be overwritten.
* Read the process in full before beginning.

Stage 1: Rename Space

1. Select a new, unique space key and name for the second space. Space keys may only consist of ASCII letters or numbers (A-Z, a-z, 0-9) and no empty spaces are allowed in the key.

2. Clone your production Confluence instance to a test server on another computer now. (For instructions, see Migrating Confluence Between Servers.) You should now have a production server and test server both containing the same data and can avoid the risk of corrupting your production Confluence instance.

3. On the test server, login as an administrator.

4. Go to Browse Space -> Advanced -> Export Space and export the target space as XML including attachments.
5. Save the space backup.

6. Open the space backup file with a zip file editor and find the file entities.xml.

7. Edit entities.xml in a text editor.

8. Do a 'Search & Replace' on the old space name as shown below. Swap out Old Space Name and New Space Name for the actual names.
Search For Replace With
[CDATA[Old Space Name] [CDATA[New Space Name]

9. Do a 'Search' for any occurrences of the old space name that occur in user content. You may wish to replace some or all of these references with the new space name. Replace Old Space Name and New Space Name with the actual names.
Search For
Old Space Name


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