Sunday, August 31, 2008

this is great! backup for my websites!

Welcome to s3sync.rb -------------------- Home page, wiki, forum, bug reports, etc: This is a ruby program that easily transfers directories between a local directory and an S3 bucket:prefix. It behaves somewhat, but not precisely, like the rsync program. In particular, it shares rsync's peculiar behavior that trailing slashes on the source side are meaningful. See examples below. One benefit over some other comparable tools is that s3sync goes out of its way to mirror the directory structure on S3. Meaning you don't *need* to use s3sync later in order to view your files on S3. You can just as easily use an S3 shell, a web browser (if you used the --public-read option), etc. Note that s3sync is NOT necessarily going to be able to read files you uploaded via some other tool. This includes things uploaded with the old perl version! For best results, start fresh! s3sync runs happily on linux, probably other *ix, and also Windows (except that symlinks and permissions management features don't do anything on Windows). If you get it running somewhere interesting let me know (see below) s3sync is free, and license terms are included in all the source files. If you decide to make it better, or find bugs, please let me know. The original inspiration for this tool is the perl script by the same name which was made by Thorsten von Eicken (and later updated by me). This ruby program does not share any components or logic from that utility; the only relation is that it performs a similar task.

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