Friday, November 30, 2007

snogo i promise to be good

Fearing Divorce, Japanese Husbands Learn to Be Loving
Everything boiled down to the desire of wives to hear their husbands say "three magic phrases" more often: "Thank you," "Sorry," and "I love you".

Perched on a beer case serving as a makeshift podium in central Tokyo, a group of middle-aged Japanese men are standing up to save their marriages -- and, they hope, marriage in Japan generally. "I'm sorry I always forget to put the toilet seat down," said one man in a suit and tie confessed as he balanced on the beer box at Shimbashi, Tokyo's hub of "salaryman" corporate workers.

"I hereby declare that I will stop going to the hostess bar, I'm sorry," said another man as his wife looked on amid a crowd of curious bystanders.

Said another man: "I love you, even though I don't really say it."

In a country where reticence about one's private life is the norm, these men are trying to prove their worth to their wives by making their vows as public as possible.

The 20 men taking part in the unlikely rally chant their slogan together: "Say 'thank you' without hesitating. Say 'sorry' without being scared. Say 'I love you' without being shy."

hi snogo. i promise to put away the dishes every night.

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