Wednesday, September 12, 2007

vacu seal my meat!

Tumble your way to tasty meat | Kitchen Gadgets - CNET Blogs
Tumble your way to tasty meat
Posted by Jennifer Guevin

Now even procrastinators can serve up tender, tasty meat as if they hadn't forgotten to start marinating until 10 minutes before their guests arrived.
Meat in barrel

The Reveo requires a surprisingly small amount of marinade. Mmmm...meat juice...
(Credit: Jennifer Guevin/CNET Networks)

I recently got to test out the Reveo MariVac from Eastman Outdoors, a funky kitchen appliance that looks suspiciously like a rock tumbler and that the company claims can cut down the time it takes to marinate meat to a fraction of the norm.

To use it, you just put raw meat and marinade into a compartment that tumbles it all together for up to 20 minutes. The idea behind the machine is that it vacuums out the air in the main barrel, stretching the fibers of the meat to allow the marinade to soak deeper into the meat in a shorter amount of time. All the while, the barrel turns, tumbling the meat and the marinade together in a messy bucket of flavor and goodness.


joy said...

10 minute meals. horray!

joy said...

I meant to say 20 minutes, hee hee typo.

bridge said...

Why have we not heard about the benefits of vacuum sealing foods to speed up marinating before! I just bought a vacuum sealer called PackMate Vacu-Seal and it does the same thing. You put your meat into its zip-lock bags (which are great becaused they are reusable) then you suck the air out and ten minutes later you have perfectly marinated meat. You can just use herbs so no need for oils.

Anonymous said...

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