Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sebastian the cat gets 'grilled' - Yahoo! News: "'It's possible to work on animals the same way we do humans,' he said. 'I did it to strengthen (Sebastian's) teeth, but it had an excellent cosmetic result. The cat gets a lot of attention now. Everyone is tickled to death when they see him.'

Sebastian's two gold teeth protruding from his furry face make him seem a little menacing, like a hip-hop star's guard-cat or a movie villain's pet. The feline didn't seem too happy with his new look at first.

'He's normally around me all the time,' Steele said. 'After I put the crowns on, he didn't 'speak' to me for two days.'"

161 one pound away from my kitty. maybe i'll get it some grillz

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Coffee Might Trigger First Heart Attack in Some - Yahoo! News: "She stressed the study focused only on the short-term effects of coffee; the researchers only looked at the first hour after coffee was consumed. 'The acute effect of coffee as a trigger for heart attack is modified by habitual consumption. People who drink it regularly are still at risk. Only heavy drinkers are not at risk,' she said."

good thing i count as a heavy drinker. i'm safe from heart attacks.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Brocade to buy McData | CNET "Brocade will pay three-quarters of a share of its common stock for each share of McData's A and B common stock. The deal is valued at $4.61 a share, a 62 percent premium over McData's closing price on Monday.

'The acquisition of McData will build on Brocade's vision for the next-generation data center,' Michael Klayko, Brocade chief executive, said in a statement.

Last year, Brocade unveiled its Tapestry product line, which is designed to improve customers' management of information stored in their data centers. Brocade has traditionally focused on the low-end market for storage area networks (SANs), while McData concentrated on high-end SAN switches."

wowers... i remember brocade was locked in a life and death struggle with this company....

Friday, August 04, 2006

Cook my wookie

N.H. woman bakes cookies on dashboard - Yahoo! News
Fontaine first tested her dashboard oven three years ago. She said anyone can do it; the only requirement is for the outside temperature to be at least 95 degrees, so it will rise to about 200 degrees in the car. Temperatures in the area reached the mid to upper 90s on Wednesday.

Yums. I wonder if I can cook fish.