Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sebastian the cat gets 'grilled' - Yahoo! News: "'It's possible to work on animals the same way we do humans,' he said. 'I did it to strengthen (Sebastian's) teeth, but it had an excellent cosmetic result. The cat gets a lot of attention now. Everyone is tickled to death when they see him.'

Sebastian's two gold teeth protruding from his furry face make him seem a little menacing, like a hip-hop star's guard-cat or a movie villain's pet. The feline didn't seem too happy with his new look at first.

'He's normally around me all the time,' Steele said. 'After I put the crowns on, he didn't 'speak' to me for two days.'"

161 one pound away from my kitty. maybe i'll get it some grillz

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