Friday, July 21, 2006

dont steal my gloves

Feline felon suspected in glove thefts - Yahoo! News
PELHAM, N.Y. - A pink-and-white gardening glove was missing Thursday morning from Jeannine Goche's front porch. But there was absolutely no mystery about who had taken it. Willy, the cat who loves gloves, had struck again.

"It has to be him," said Goche, an attorney. "I've heard about him."

As if the gardeners of Pelham don't have enough to worry about, with the rocky soil and the slugs and the big trees casting too much shade, a feline felon has been sneaking into their back yards and carrying off gardening gloves.

i sometimes run out and steal mag's pillow. She usually punishes me by making me stay off the furniture and sleep on the ground

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