Wednesday, April 12, 2006

$1 dollar a month for push email!

RIM Readies BlackBerry for China - Mobile News - Designtechnica
At the same time, the Globe Mail is reporting that China Unicom Ltd., China's state-controlled (and second-largest) mobile operator has launched a competing service, unabashedly called "RedBerry," a push-email service with a name reportedly intended to blend the brand recognition of RIM's BlackBerry with the red symbol of the state-controlled China Unicom. The RedBerry service uses CDMA-based handsets already marketed by China Unicom, rather than a specialized handheld device; accounts reportedly cost less than $1 a month.

what a great deal! I would pay $1 a month for push email. I currently get my yahoo mail and corporate mail instantly, and it's great! Of course, I still don't reply :(

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