Sunday, January 15, 2006

'Brokeback' breach for repressed men / Film's message -- this could be you: "'See, now I am feeling terribly guilty. I have a beautiful wife with a brain, three incredible kids, a house the size of Rhode Island, and I risk everything to try to recapture what never even happened after the kiss I shared over 30 years ago. Are any of your clients conflicted like this, or do I just have rural attitudes toward sex that L.A. hasn't yet killed?'

The man who e-mailed me this shortly after the third time we got together probably knew the answer to his question as certainly as you do now: No.

No, he's not my first client blindsided by the drive to get beyond the perceived impossibilities of the past and the choking commitments of the present."

brokeback mountain! who wants to see it!!!


ec said...

Brokeback made a bunch of top 10 lists for best movie of 2005.,

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