Monday, January 31, 2005

Deals, Coupon codes and Discount prices - GotApex?: "# Canon PowerShot SD300 4MP Digital Camera for $399 $309.10 shipped! CANON POWERSHOT SD300 DEAL
# Sony DSC-T1 Cyber-shot 5.1MP Digital Camera for $499 $394.10 shipped! SONY DSC-T1 CYBERSHOT DEAL
# Casio Exilim EX-Z55 5MP Digital Camera for $399 $309.10 shipped!"

On the first pass... of the casio exolim deal i'm going to pick it up.
the sd300 looks like a pretty good camera as well.

I'm shying away from the sony one since it doesnt have mounting holes for my daily picture.

let me know if you see a good deal!

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Anonymous said...

The SD300 deal wasn't all that great. I was able to beat it at

In the end after everything, the Dell price was $340.01. Elsewhere it could be gotten for about $10 less.