Friday, November 26, 2004

So tonight after eating a live turkey…

I decided to read my online book on my safari subscription about jstl.

JSTL is pretty interesting… how often do we actually have a conflict between the html heads and the java heads? I tend to think that most web programmers are pretty familiar with html,css, and can usually write up something that works in that medium. I suppose for the artists and html folks they probably hate dealing with scriplets, or weird.


For (in i = 0; i <>




I think this code drives the html folks crazy… It drives me coworkers crazy too.

Side note…

Reasons for

Tracking what I eat --- failed south beach diet

Improving my writing skills

Place to experiment with new technologies… the other used an oracle database, with wl8.1 with entity beans for everything… too much for one person.

Selling for a million dollars

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