Monday, June 25, 2007

J2ME streaming.....

J2ME Streaming is always a hot topic. How to implement streaming via HTTP protocal in GPRS?
Of course if the streaming media is not support partial data play (ex. midi sound), we can't do anything about it, right?
But how about if the media can play partial data (ex. arm sound), can we do it?
Here comes a wonderful J2ME application. Remember that we are not talking about RTSP/MMS, we are dealing with HTTP.
The idea is very simple. We open two thread, one thread is for download the data, the other thread is play the data that already downloaded so far.
Once the first chunk of data is available, we play it. When finished play the first chunk of data, we play the second available chunk of data, and so on.
If your mobile phone phone support two players, the play will be more smooth. The data is dynamically fetched into the next player.
Well you may ask "If finished play the first part of data and there is no second part data available which can be likely happened via airtime GPRS, what to do?",
just play the first part data again right!
Once the data is 100% downloaded, you can always replay again and again.
There is no need for special treatment of the host server that provide the media.
Yeah, you can play from any media server with this application.

Things to remember:
1) We assume that your mobile implemented the JSR 135 API getDuration and setMediaTime (tested on Motorola v188).
2) Download big size of streaming data may cost you a lot of money if it is not monthly service based on.
It is you own responsibility for the cost, not my application.
3) The application provided a demo, therefore try the demo first and let me know which device can play and what problem you have.
4) You can find what media is available now in my server here.
5) My contact email:

This guy has a pretty good streaming ideas.....

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

i would eat it

Rare blue lobster avoids the cooker - Yahoo! News

The 1 1/2-pound clawed creature is bright blue, the result of an extremely rare genetic mutation.

It turned up Sunday morning in one of Hatch and Green's lobster traps at the mouth of the Thames River.

"I've heard about them but this is the first one I've ever seen," Hatch told The Day of New London newspaper.

Later that afternoon, he put the lobster in a cooler and brought it to the Mystic Aquarium and Institute for Exploration, where it will live out its days in an elementary school classroom for children to learn about.

I would eat this lobster. yummy....

Monday, June 04, 2007

AddType text/ .jad
AddType application/java-archive .jar

Header set "cache-control" "no-transform"

Add the code above so that Apache does not mangle your jad and jars.