Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Whenever you use log4j, make sure you stuff the inside your classpath. I always put the file inside the directory, but I forget to put it in the classpath. I then spend a hours wondering why nothing is being outputted into the logs.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Install Notify Errors for Motorola Phones

Be careful.... sometimes the url on the install notify for OTA is too long, and it will causes some motorola devices to reject the jad and jar.

Content Delivery [The Wireless FAQ]

906 Invalid descriptor Indicates that the device could not interpret the Download Descriptor. This typically means a syntactic error.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Nokia Cell Phones ignore the meta refresh....

For all you mobile wap developers...

The nokia phones like to ignore the meta-refresh tag.

 http-equiv="refresh" content="5" />

If you need do a long operation for a website like loading email or pulling up data for a report, this tag will be unreliable.

You will need to implement some sort of polling mechanism, where the user clicks on the link manually every 5 seconds to gather the information.

To go through a directory of log files and delete them on unix

for FILE in `find /home/evilsquid/logs -maxdepth 1 -mtime -1 -name *.log`


echo $FILE

rm $FILE


This is a useful tidbit if you need to do some log file monitoring....

Friday, February 16, 2007

Don't eat my kitty

Chinese animal rights victory takes cats off the menu | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited

Chinese animal rights victory takes cats off the menu

Jonathan Watts in Beijing
Tuesday February 13, 2007
The Guardian

China's nascent animal rights movement claimed a rare victory today after rescuing more than 400 cats that were about to be slaughtered for their fur and meat.

They were saved from a market in Tianjin after a standoff last week between 100 pet lovers and police which left one protester hospitalised.

Until recent years, respect for animal rights was almost non-existent in China, but the country's rising affluence has brought with it a pet-pampering middle class. Activists are becoming bolder, posting video footage of cruel treatment on YouTube and staging protests.

Article continues
In the latest confrontation, 100 supporters of the "Love Kitty" group in Tianjin surrounded a market, where cats and dogs were being slaughtered. Many of the protesters were local people who had lost their pets and suspected the animals had been abducted by furriers. The police refused to support the animal protection group because there is no law in China against killing cats and dogs, and all the animal traders were licensed.

Lu Di, director of the Small Animal Protection Association, said: "The demonstrators were afraid that the killings were continuing behind the closed doors so they made their way inside. They found cats crammed inside tiny wire cages about 10cm [4ins] high. About 80 police officers arrived and there were scuffles. One man suffered a head injury and is still in hospital."

To avoid further clashes, the Hebei provincial government allowed the cats to be taken to Ms Lu's shelter in Beijing. It has been difficult for her small, non-profit organisation to cope with so many mistreated animals.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bow Wow

Mother cat adopts newborn Rottweiler - Yahoo! News

The tiny pup, named Charlie by Humane Society volunteers, nurses alongside a jumble of black and gray kittens recently born to Satin, who was taken to the shelter by an owner unable to care for her.